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I enjoyed this book. The characters are all so funny the way they react to zombies popping up. Instead of freaking out they decide to drink and play games. I am looking forward to the next book to see how they continue to handle the zombies.

Julie Y

This is a short interesting book that follows the day of few young adults and how they spend the first day of the Zombie Apocalypse. The story seems to have almost a British sense of humor. This group definitely reacted better than I would have and I like that the women were the badass heroes. Fun story and you will love it if you're into Zombie Books..

L. Liberty

An updated Friends. I can pick out the men, but the women more of a challenge on who is who. Funny, irreverent, and lots of alcohol makes for a good Zombie story. The badasses are the ladies, and well…New York is New York. Good thing it wasn’t in London, too much fog.

David Breeden

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