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Family emergency plan - to stop the zombies from getting your family!

An emergency can occur at any time. There are different types of emergencies we need to be always prepared for. It can be anything, a disaster, flood or a zombie apocalypse. If the zombie apocalypse could happen, they may enter the entire countries and roam freely in the streets. You need to consider a family emergency plan to stop the zombies from attacking you.

The family emergency plan demands you to focus on different things such as the type of emergency that can occur. Think of different types of emergency that can be expected in your area. In addition to the zombie apocalypse, this can include floods, hurricanes or earthquakes.  Decide a common spot so you can gather at that place in case of any zombie. Most importantly, decide a place just outside the home in case of any emergencies and a place outside your neighborhood if you are unable to reach the home immediately.

Tips to stop the zombies from getting you

Identify your emergency contacts. Make a list of local contacts such as police, firefighters and the local zombie intervention team. Also, select an overseas contact that you can call in an emergency to inform the rest of your family that everything is fine for you. Decide you escape route. When the zombies are hungry, they do not stop until they get the food which means you have to leave the area as soon as possible. Plan in advance where you can go and how many routes you will take in so that the zombies would not get you. This is also useful when natural disasters occur and you must act quickly.

  • Stay informed

Learn about the signs of events that occur without notice and learn about local warnings and early warnings and how you will receive them. Knowing local emergency shelter and evacuation plans and emergency contact persons will help you develop your family plan and also help you in the event of a crisis. Listen and follow the official warnings and instructions regarding precautions, evacuation and staying home

  • Do a little zombie search

The first step is to identify the zombies in terms of behavior, origin, development, and death, etc. You can get a lot of information about zombies online. It is also particularly important to investigate the zombie outbreak in order to identify it as quickly as possible. You do not want a byte from the zombies.

  • Get familiar with the routes and buildings

You must discover buildings that will be great hiding places when you attack zombies. For example, abandoned buildings would be perfect for you and your family. At the same time, look for strategic shelters and find their entrances. Decide the path you will use to reach the buildings? What are the entrances for you?

  • Stay quiet

It is better not to mention anything to many people. You do not want everyone to run to you at the beginning of the attack simply because they remember you're ready to do it. You will not want your hiding place filled with people looking for comfort and relief from the little you have left to survive.

Zombies from the financial variety want to have your valuables and cash. Having a plan to consider for paying your bills and access your important records and accounts will help you stay on the path of the zombie and avoid your credit problems when you need them the most. Once your groups and plans are in place, it's important to make sure they're easy to access, up to date and safe from any kind of damage.

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