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Beer Run | Book Two The Fog Series | Chapter Two

Elijah and Alex were busy tearing apart Ted’s room in the search of more alcohol. Although Benjamin sat in the living room with Sara, Daisy, and Amber, occasionally, he heard the sound of something being thrown into the wall or knocked over. Evidently, Elijah and Alex weren’t being exactly careful in Ted’s room. Benjamin considered going in there and supervising. He was going to be their new roommate, Ted’s replacement, and Benjamin didn’t want to risk his new room getting a giant hole in the wall.

“Victorious!” Alex screamed, his voice drowning out the TV.

“Did he say they found booze?” Sara asked, straightening where she sat. “Oh, my God. I hope it’s beer.”

Benjamin peered over the sofa arm and stared at Ted’s room. Alex emerged with a wide grin spreading across his face. Elijah followed, holding aloft a large bottle of tequila, with a few shots worth left in it.

Across the bottle, there were words written in thick, black Sharpie marker. Benjamin squinted, trying to read it.

Ted’s. Elijah, keep your hands off!

“So Ted was super possessive of his tequila, huh?” Benjamin asked.

“You have no idea,” Elijah replied. “He’d go into the kitchen and drink all my beer and then get all angry about me expecting him to pay me back or wanting to have some of his. The audacity!”

Alex nodded in agreement.

“Ted would probably kill us if he knew. If he wasn’t, you know, dead now,” Elijah said, shrugging. “Anyway. Who’s up for some tequila?”

“I’m game,” Sara said.

“I’ll get the shot glasses,” Alex said.

Amber climbed to her feet and followed him into the kitchen. A few seconds later, they returned with six shot glasses. After placing the glasses on the table, everyone gathered around and leaned close.

“No limes or lemons?” Sara asked.

“Sorry,” Alex replied, “But we have some salt.”

Alex went to get it, while Elijah began filling the shot glasses. After the salt was added, Benjamin picked up his shot glass and wrinkled his nose. He didn’t mind drinking alcohol, of course, but shots had never been his thing. Tequila had never been his thing. And when Benjamin lifted the glass up to the light, he realized that there was an actual worm in the bottom of his glass. Did he actually have to drink it? And what about the worm? Was he supposed to swallow it whole? Chew it?

Elijah downed his shot without any hesitation, slammed his glass onto the table, and poured another.

The others slammed down their shot glasses, too. Alex, Daisy, Amber, Sara.

Slam! Slam! Slam! Slam!

Benjamin swallowed around the lump in his throat. This was disgusting. The tequila didn’t even smell or look good. Did he really have to drink it?

He glanced at Sara. She’d drank hers.

If Benjamin didn’t drink his, he would look like a wimp, and while he might be able to accept looking like a wimp in front of Elijah or Alex, that wasn’t nearly as bad as looking like a wimp in front of Sara.

Benjamin tilted his head back and downed the tequila shot. The alcohol burned his throat. His stomach lurched, and his mouth felt dry. He wanted to throw up. Beer he could handle. Wine wasn’t a problem. But tequila was another animal entirely.

He slammed his glass down harder than he meant to and put a hand over his mouth. Wouldn’t it be embarrassing if he just threw up all over the room? Oh, God. He was going to puke his guts out.

Benjamin headed back to the sofa, leaned back against it, letting his body fall back into the sofa cushions. His face felt very warm, and his tongue tingled in the aftermath of the tequila.

Daisy climbed to her feet and rolled her head as if it wasn’t quite connected to her neck.

“What now?” Sara asked after a few moments.

Alex slammed down his shot glass, emptied once again.

“Well…” Daisy trailed off. “I’ve got a dream.”

“Mm?” Alex mumbled.

Daisy bent down and retrieved the baseball bat that she’d earlier used to fight Ted’s with. She swung it around a couple of times, her swings a bit more sluggish than they had been earlier. She grinned. “I’ve got a dream of taking on the next Ted!”

Was Ted really going to be the name that they used for all the infected? Benjamin’s inner scientist rolled his eyes. “I really think we should say homo sapiens—”

“Yeah, yeah. Teds,” Daisy replied, miming the motion of striking a Ted. “Pow!”

The strike went too far, and Daisy’s bat smacked into a shelf, knocking off an autographed photo of Leonardo DiCaprio. And suddenly, Benjamin decided that he shouldn’t correct a woman who was holding a baseball bat and also knew how to use it.

“I just kind of want more alcohol,” Alex said. “I mean, how else are you supposed to deal with the Ted apocalypse?”

“True,” Amber said.

“And I would kill for some whiskey followed by a shot of pickle brine,” Daisy added. “I don’t mind tequila, but it’s not my favorite.”

“Well, there is a pub a few blocks away,” Elijah said. “The Queen Vic.”

“Oh, yeah!” Alex said, nodding.

“The Queen Vic?” Sara asked.

“I promise it’s great,” Elijah insisted. “The best pub in NYC. I’m not even kidding, and the landlord never closes! We should see if we can go!”

“That’s insane,” Benjamin said.

“I don’t think it’s a bad idea,” Sara replied. “What else are we going to do? Sit here and watch TV? At least, this gives us a concrete idea, and this pub will probably have food, too. Right? We have to eat.”

“But we have food now,” Amber pointed out. “Why not wait until we have to go out? Why go out now?”

“The CDC recommends that we don’t go,” Benjamin said.

“Ha! Well, there’s something that I want. I, for one, am ready to slay some Ted’s,” Daisy said. “Let’s go to the pub.”

“Besides, we threw Ted’s dismembered head out earlier and didn’t experience any bad side effects,” Sara said.

“So let’s put it to vote!” Elijah said. “I say we go!”

“To the Queen Vic!” Alex exclaimed, pumping his fist into the air.

“I’m in!” Sara declared.

Daisy swung her bat. “You can all count on me!”

Benjamin felt as though everyone’s eyes were on him. “I don’t think we should go,” he said.

“Neither do I,” Amber added.

But they were outvoted. So their options were to go to the Queen Vic with the others or to stay in the apartment. Like cowards. Benjamin sighed. He didn’t like the thought of being a coward, but he also didn’t like the thought of having an infected eat his brain.


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