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Beer Run | Book Two The Fog Series | Chapter One

The TV had switched to a Geico commercial, proving that even the apocalypse wouldn’t stop customers from saving a lot of money on their car insurance. Assuming they still had cars.

Since a virus had spread in the fog, turning people into zombies, it made it difficult to say anything with absolute certainty. Benjamin grimaced as the cabernet sauvignon burned the back of his throat. He wasn’t a wine drinker, but having just watched a zombie come into the apartment, he definitely needed some alcohol.

Benjamin passed the bottle of cabernet sauvignon to Sara, the pretty brunette sitting beside him. As she took the bottle, she scrunched up her face and peered at it with bright blue eyes before taking a swig. She sighed before passing the bottle on to Amber, a winsome brunette.

“I’m going to go crazy if all we’ve got between the six of us is a bottle of freaking cabernet sauvignon,” Elijah said.

He said the name as cab-ur-net sor-vig-none. Benjamin bit the inside of his cheek and didn’t say anything. Elijah was the sort of man who probably always had the ladies swooning over him. He was so perfect he was infuriating. Perfect brown hair, perfect teeth, and a perfect spray tan. It seemed that intelligence wasn’t his strong suit, though. At least, Benjamin had that going for him.

“It’s better than nothing,” Amber replied, sighing, “Although I would kill for something really stiff right now.”

“Agreed,” said Daisy, who took the bottle next.

“Maybe we should storm the liquor store!” Alex exclaimed, jumping to his feet. “It would be great! Glorious!”

The news came back on. Everyone straightened as the anchorwoman, a voluptuous woman with thick, blonde hair and a form-fitting bubblegum pink dress. “For those of you just tuning in, we’ve just received new information from the Centers for Disease Control.”

Benjamin leaned forward. He was, of course, eager to hear what new information there was about the zombies, but Benjamin was also a scientist. It was unfortunate that he hadn’t been closer to work when the apocalypse began. If he had been, he might have been surrounded by his colleagues, educated and intelligent men and women. Benjamin might have been able to do something to help.

“Reports indicate that the fog carrying what is being informally called the “the Zombie virus” has moved out of New York City and is now headed towards upstate New York. However, the CDC is cautioning people not to leave their homes. It is unknown if the virus might still be in the air of the affected areas.”

Elijah whistled between his teeth. “That sucks.”

“Understatement of the century,” Benjamin replied.

“Agreed,” Sara said.

“And here with me,” the anchorwoman added, “We have Dr. Bethany Summers from the Center for Disease Control. Welcome, Dr. Summers.”

The screen split, revealing a woman with dark hair and green eyes, exhaustion clear in the bags present despite the clear amount of foundation caked beneath them. She nodded a few times. “Thank you, Angelica. Yes, because we’re unsure if the virus is in the air, we are asking that everyone remain in their homes until we have further information.”

“Right. And for everyone watching, can you tell us what the CDC does know thus far about the virus?” Angelica, the anchorwoman, asked.

“The virus,” Dr. Summers said, “We don’t know yet if it’s really a virus. But I can definitely understand the moniker. Presently, all we know about the virus is that when people breathe air contaminated by the virus, the victims developed open wounds on their faces. We believe these people also develop an urge to bite, although at this point, it’s unclear how this urge has developed.”

“What else do we know?” Angelica asked.

“Very little at present. But we’re working hard to learn more. We do know that it is extremely contagious. We believe that the virus can be contracted through the saliva of an infected victim. So if someone is bitten by someone with this virus, he or she is likely to receive the virus, also. So everyone needs to take appropriate safety measures and avoid being bitten at all costs.”

“So don’t get bitten?” Benjamin asked. “That’s all they have? Don’t get bitten?”

“That seems to be all they’ve got,” Sara said.

Amber sighed. “Well, it’s better than nothing. I guess.”

“You mean, it’s nothing that we didn’t already know from watching zombie movies,” Alex pointed out.

“Thank you, Dr. Summers,” Angelica said. “Is there anything else that you think the people watching from home should know?”

“Just, again, to take appropriate caution. We really want the people at home to understand that this is a very dire situation. As tempting as it might be to venture out and be a hero, we really need people to stay at home. If anyone is bitten, the NYPD has already said that they cannot come get anyone. They can’t help anyone. I understand it’s very frustrating, and the CDC will be working around the clock to learn both the cause of this virus and how we might stop it.”

“That’s good advice. Again, thank you, Dr. Summers. It was great having you here, and we’ll let you go now. I know you’re very busy.”

“Thank you, Angelica.”

The split screen went away, and Angelica smiled benignly, as if she wasn’t breaking one of the most horrifying stories to ever hit the east coast. “The President has been moved to a private bunker in case the virus spreads. For now, officials are urging evacuations for some areas of New York in preparation for the fog’s movement. Additionally, Canadian prime minister—”

“There has to be booze somewhere!” Elijah exclaimed, leaping to his feet and moving in front of the TV.

“Move out of the way!” Sara snapped. “I’m trying to watch this.”

“Sorry!” Elijah replied. “I’m going to go look for booze in Ted’s room.”

Ted had been Elijah and Alex’s roommate. That was, of course, before he had been infected. Once he’d returned home infected, he’d been slain by his former roommates and Sara. Benjamin was a bit embarrassed to admit that he’d spent the fight with Ted screaming and cowering behind everyone else.

“That’s a great idea! Finally, he can be useful for something!” Alex replied.

Evidently, Ted had been a jerk to end all jerks, and neither of his roommates seemed particularly devastated over his untimely death.

Elijah and Alex headed into Ted’s room.

“—the Canadian government is ready to help our American neighbors in their hour of need,” Angelica concluded.

Daisy frowned and placed the bottle of cabernet sauvignon onto the table before them. “We’re now officially almost out of alcohol,” she said, sighing. “Fantastic.”

Sara groaned and tilted her head against the back of the sofa. “I’m going to die,” she said. “I’m going to languish away and die. That’s what’s going to happen to me.”

“I’m write you a wonderful obituary,” Amber said. “I wonder if there’s anything decent to eat in this apartment.”

Benjamin grimaced. He hadn’t considered that. It might be a really long time before they were allowed to leave the apartment. How long would they have to stay in the apartment? They would only have so much food. How could they possibly survive?

“But I’m sure you could make a gourmet dinner from anything,” Sara said.

“True,” Amber agreed. “Although it sucks. I finally make head chef, and the Ted’s arrive.”

“That’s just life, isn’t it?” Sara asked. “I’m really regretting my decision to move here now.”

“Oh? Where are you from?” Benjamin asked.

“Montana,” Sara replied.

“That’s quite a change.”

“Yeah,” Sara said, resting her cheek in the palm of her hand. “I get that a lot. I just wanted a change of pace. I wanted to start anew and establish a career for myself. And then, the Ted’s came.”

“The Teds,” Daisy said sagely.

“Is that really what we’re going to call them?” Benjamin asked. “Teds?”

Sara shrugged. “It seems to fit,” she replied, eyeing the bottle morosely. “This sucks. Ted's suck.”

As Benjamin looked at the news anchor, still repeating information that they had already repeated a million times, that certainly seemed to be true.


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