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Tattoo Gift Guide

Hey chicks, Daisy here.

As you know I love tattoos, (and if you didn’t know, you do now.) I love the idea of being a human canvas and having an artist draw memories on to me. I’m a living memory book.

There’s only one problem with that, at some point I’ll run out of space! Not to worry, there are now awesome alternatives to permanent tattoos.

Check these out!



Realistic semi-permanent tattoo made using organic fruit ink. Simply put it on and watch it appear on your skin in a few hours. Your new tattoo will look & feel real, won't peel off and will last 8-15 days. Yes, it's that easy.

How to use Easy Ink.

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BIC BodyMark Temporary Tattoo Markers
Designed for Skin

Express yourself on skin with BodyMark by BIC temporary tattoo markers! Unlike permanent markers and other inks not meant for drawing on the body, BodyMark Tattoo Markers let you create fun, unique designs that are skin-safe.* Test a tattoo design without the pain or commitment, or just use them for fun. Great for parties, festivals, Halloween costumes, or anytime you’re feeling creative!

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About Everjoy Temporary Tattoos
Adding some subtle favors to your daily life by decorating your body or want to test the tattoo size and position before getting a real one? That's what Everjoy for!

Everjoy tattoos can be worn on anyplace on your body: face, ears, neck, shoulders, chest, back, hands, palms, arms, waist, ankles, feet, legs, fingers, knuckles, nails.

Design Your Unique Style
The assorted tattoo package can be easily used to customize your own unique design and create your one and only body art! Use the inspirational words and quotes to show your attitude to life and the world! Use the matching tattoos to have fun with your friends and family! It is not only a pleasure to yourself but also a happy gift to your loved ones! Enjoy!


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Have fun with your canvas! 

Peace out.