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Inhabitable | Invasion Survivor Book Two | Authors Note

Hey Guys,
Hayley here, thank you for reading Inhabitable and my authors note. I’m a few more steps closer to becoming a full-time author thanks to you buying this book! Our dream is to move to Spain where I can write more awesome books!
In the last author notes I promised I’d answer at least one of your questions, I
answered more than one question. Paige and her family were reunited, well briefly. They
got to the spacecraft, but are they safe? You’ll have to find out in book three, there’s a
hint in the title Stowaway. The most important question was answered, Paige got her
Mac D’s!
I know I’ve left you with a few more questions, will Dave be ok? Will Paige and
Dave be reunited? Also, will Paige every get to speak to her sister which for all these
years she thought was dead? As always one of these questions will be answered.
These books have been a blast to write, and its far from over. There’s a whole
universe to explore. I’m currently working on book three Stowaway, and my love affair
for Chris Hemsworth has stepped up a level to ensure when (not if) this book get made
into a movie I will have to have Chris Hemsworth in the movie.
I hope you have had fun following Paige and the gang’s story, I’d love to read
your reviews of the story. Reviews are an awesome way to help other readers find cool
books (like this one) and it lets me know people are reading and enjoying my stories. 

Off now to wrap up book three Stowaway. 
Thank you, Hayley.