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Stowaway | Invasion Survivor Book Three | Chapter Eighteen

Chapter Eighteen

Paige felt like she was on pins and needles while hiding on the stairs for Kwan to leave the gym before going back to it. To her relief, it was still empty, and Paige hastily made her way back into the changing room. 

“AJ,” she called out in a hushed voice. She was worried he couldn't hear her from his hiding place but was scared to make too much noise at the same time.

“AJ?” she tried again.

Suddenly, a cupboard door opened, and AJ tumbled out and onto the floor, white towels falling out after him. He had been hiding in the linen closet. Paige realized what a gamble that was. If Kwan had decided to take a shower by any chance, AJ would have been discovered.

They must have some guardian angel on their side after all. On the other hand, he looked really funny surrounded by all that white, and Paige tried hard not to laugh.

“What took you so long?” AJ asked, a little annoyed as he picked himself up from the floor and stuffed the towels back inside. That sobered her up instantly as she moved to help. 

“What can I say? Kwan likes a workout,” Paige replied, feeling a bit guilty. “Did you get it?” she added a bit nervously.

Please, please, please, she repeated like a mantra.

AJ reached underneath his waistband at the small of his back and pulled out Kwan's radio.

Yes! Paige mentally cheered. “Great!” Paige took it from him. “Thanks.”

Paige pulled him into a tight embrace. 

“Don't mention it. It was kind of fun. I think we make a fine pair of spooks,” AJ replied, clearly confused by her sudden display of affection. But she was just that happy. Finally, they were making progress with something.

As they parted, AJ stretched his neck. It was stiff from being in that confined space for so long. Paige let him have his moment of leisure before speaking. 

“We need to get out of here without being spotted first before patting ourselves on the back,” Paige pointed out.

“Good point. So, now what?” he inquired.

“I’m going to go see my mom. I need to give her the radio as soon as possible.” Saying that gave her another idea. “Thanks for doing this, AJ. It really means a lot to me,” Paige repeated and leaned in to give him a chaste peck on the cheek. “Will you be on the lookout in case we’re being followed?” Paige added quickly before AJ got any other ideas.

“Sure,” he replied simply.

They left the gym, and Paige looked around as she walked toward the closet, hoping that nobody could see her. She didn't feel guilty per se, but her paranoia of being discovered was really messing with her head.

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