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Stowaway | Invasion Survivor Book Three | Chapter Eleven

Chapter Eleven

In the end, Paige should have known where her mother's hiding place would be. In the past, she always found a closet to hide inside of. No matter where she went, that was what she did. So that was exactly where Paige found her, even on a freaking spacecraft.

Figures, Paige thought, looking at the door that had Supply Closet written across it.

There was a small letter at the bottom of the door. It looked like nothing more than a scratch to a normal person, but that was her mom's way of letting her know she was there.

She taught her and Willow from an early age to decipher all the letters she invented so they could communicate without the Shadow Men finding out.

As soon as Angela saw the door being opened, she sprang to her feet. Her ever wild-looking hair was all over her face, and she was fully ready to attack.

She even held a piece of metal in her hand, reminding Paige of some TV show she watched about female prisoners who had to defend themselves with handmade weapons, shives.

“Mom, it's me,” Paige said quickly in surprise while trying to dodge Angela's thrusting hands. “Please, stop.”

Paige knew she couldn't actually get hurt from that thing, but she didn't want to unintentionally hurt her mom back.

Angela brushed her matted hair from her face, then noticing who she was trying to stab. Immediately, she dropped the metal onto the floor, and Paige was relieved no one got hurt from the newly made weapon.

“Oh, it's you. What took you so long?” she asked, sounding a bit annoyed. In the next instance, Angela sat back on the floor of the supply closet and crossed her legs.

Paige looked at AJ who stood a couple of steps back, so Angela couldn't see him and gestured for him to keep watch.

After he nodded, Paige stepped inside.

She had probably been sitting here the entire time, Paige thought, looking around to notice that Angela had started working on something new. It was scattered all over the floor. 

She moved some kind of electronic pieces around without even looking at her daughter, as if Paige wasn’t even there. As always, Paige didn't have the faintest clue what Angela was actually doing.

Paige sighed, fully knowing that was one mystery she would never fully understand about her mom. Stepping inside and locking the door from the inside, she took a position on the floor beside Angela.

It was a very tiny closet, and as they sat on the floor, side by side, the closet’s walls almost touched their knees.

“Here, Mom, I brought you a snack,” Paige said, offering her the protein bar, but the woman completely ignored her.

Since she was still wearing that guard's uniform, Paige carefully reached over and put the food inside her pocket, hoping she would eventually eat.

“What are you making?” Paige asked, indicating the metal pieces scattered in front of her.

This time, she was more than ready to reply. “I’m making a radio. We need to get in touch with Brooke.”

Paige was impressed. Wow.

After everything she’d seen in the last couple of days, Paige knew her mom was a total badass.

She was curious to learn more. It also gave her hope that she would finally hear her sister's voice, but on the other hand, Paige wasn’t so sure Angela would be able to do it. After all, it wasn’t an easy thing to do, and parts weren't exactly available on every corner due to being on a spaceship.

“Mom, how do you know which frequency Brooke is on?” Paige inquired.

Angela frowned, sighing. “I don’t know. I don’t even have the slightest idea.”

“Then how are you…” Paige started, but she interrupted her.

“I’ll keep trying to get the right frequency until I finally get it,” she said as she nervously fiddled with the metal pieces. Despite everything, she looked focused and determined, colored with her usual craziness. Paige decided it was best not to question it.

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