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Stowaway | Invasion Survivor Book Three | Chapter Fifteen

Chapter Fifteen

“So, where are we exactly?” Dave asked as he checked down the corridor where he was currently standing. As far as he could see through the window, the small space station was circular and constructed of two rings that overlapped in two places, creating some sort of cocoon. In its center was a docking area.

It was still mind-boggling to him that he could see actual space through the window that was placed in equal distances along the corridor.

Freaking space! Everywhere! On a freaking space station!

They had to make a small break for him, so he could catch his breath on the way to the cafeteria, but Dave didn't care. He was tired of lying around all the time in that bed in the sick bay, even though his body didn't quite feel like his own...

He figured that should be expected after being possessed by some kind of alien entity. Even the briefest of thoughts about that Black Mass entering his body, choking him to death and taking over, made him shudder.

I’m free now, and I will get my revenge, he reminded himself. That made him instantly feel better. Besides, he needed to be in top shape so he could go and find his brother.

“I told you already,” Brooke replied, casually leaning against the wall.

He still couldn't completely fathom that this was actually Paige's older sister, even though the resemblance was uncanny. He didn't feel weird in her presence, even while showing such weakness.

Quite the opposite. She had a certain calmness about her that put him at ease and made him believe everything would be all right. She was very different from Paige, yet similar at the same time, and Dave liked that. It was easier to consider her a friend, even though they’d just met.

“Yeah, yeah,” Dave jumped in, remembering her exact words about them being on a space station and about her being a Watcher. “But those are just empty words without meaning,” he practically whined.

Brooke grinned in return, and the message was perfectly clear. Dave wasn't going to get more information than that. At least, not yet, and he could understand that. Despite him being friends with Paige, he was a stranger to Brooke and had yet to prove he was trustworthy. He was ok with that.

Another person joined them at that moment. “Looking good today, Dave,” Mr. Moon greeted him.

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