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Stowaway | Invasion Survivor Book Three | Chapter Five

Chapter Five

The Elite 20 are now free to leave their rooms. There is a meeting at 01:15 in the Common Room. Please be present,” said Captain Zoya. 

Their rooms? They got a frigging room each! Paige was instantly outraged.

The people at the lowest level looked at one another in confusion.

“What does that mean?” Paige asked AJ, frowning. What did that mean for them? Could they roam about as well?

“I don’t know,” he replied with a shrug. “Though I can guess what the Elite 20 means.” He looked just as displeased as she was.

“I assume it’s those twenty rich people who paid for their seats, right?” It wasn’t too big of a leap to guess that one.

AJ nodded. 

“Can we go, too?” Peter asked them. It was obvious he wanted to explore the ship, and frankly, Paige wanted that also. She nodded.

“I want to stay here and read for a bit,” Tilley informed them.

“Ok,” AJ said. “But stay right here, ok?”

“Ok,” she replied simply.

Without further words, the three of them stood simultaneously and saw people attempting to walk towards the stairs. 

Paige and AJ had no idea where the Common Room was, but they were going to leave the lower level together with all the others and find it. 

They didn't get too far because Kwan, the one Paige thought looked like Thor , and some of the other guards appeared in front of them with their guns pointing at all.

“Don’t move,” Kwan said sternly. 

Peter's eyes bulged at seeing the weapons, and Paige felt like hitting that jerk Kwan for unnecessarily scaring him.

“Wait for instructions from Captain Zoya. Everyone must stay right here until she gives further instructions,” Kwan finished.

Paige turned to AJ, who looked just as annoyed as she was. “This is so unfair,” Paige complained, and those nearest to her agreed with a nod.

“Hey, buddy,” AJ  said to Peter. “Why don't you go back to Tilley until we sort this out, ok?”

“I'm not scared,” Peter rebelled, and Paige had to smile. AJ did, too.

“I know. You are a total badass,” AJ complimented. “But this is just some boring grownup stuff.”

Peter pondered about that for a moment then nodded. “When they let us leave, will you come to get me?” he asked.

“Absolutely,” AJ replied instantly.

Peter nodded, satisfied with that answer and dashed back to their seats by the window.

He told something to Tilley, and they both started looking at her phone screen again. Satisfied he was away, Paige refocused on the guards.

People around her started to complain, and some of them were even getting angry—and rightfully so.

“What’s going on?” someone shouted.

“This is no way to treat us!” another person called out. 

“Where’s the Common Room?” a third voice asked.

Of course, none of them could do anything, Paige was aware of that since each guard held a gun in their hands, ready to shoot if they suspected any danger. The whole situation was ridiculous.

Paige breathed loudly, trying to contain her anger. 

Oh, screw it, she thought, getting to the front of the line. Kwan recognized her, and he had a strange expression on his face, but Paige was too annoyed to stop and think about it.

“This isn't fair, and you shouldn't treat us like this,” Paige said, looking him straight in the eyes.

“Yeah!” could be heard from the crowd.

“Just do as your told, princess,” he replied in an annoyed voice.

Did he just call me princess?

That annoyed her even more.

“Listen to me, you wannabe Hulk,” Paige snapped back. “I didn't survive a freaking zombie apocalypse and an alien invasion to be treated like some kind of a pariah simply because I didn't buy my survival. I fought for it with everything I had.”

She practically shouted by the end of her small speech, and the crowd behind her cheered.

Kwan smirked at her. “So, you're the troublemaker. Good to know,” he commented. But he still looked unimpressed with everything she just said, and that was maddening.

Paige knew that with the Black Mass inside of her, she was stronger than all the guards, but she couldn’t fight them for two reasons. First, everyone would see she was different, and second because someone else could get hurt in the fight. 

Because of that, Paige tried to think calmly about the situation, which was damn hard. Her anger all but disappeared when she finally spotted Angela. She was walking behind guards, and they didn't even see her. Unfortunately, she had her trademark crazy look in her eyes, and that made Paige gulp in fear.

What’s she planning on doing? Paige knew she was about to find out, and it probably wasn’t going to end well. Make that definitely.

With her only facial expressions and a few gestures, Paige tried to tell her not to do anything. She didn't want the guards to suspect something, so Paige tried to be as low-key as possible.

Noticing her back, Angela’s shoulders slumped, understanding the message. She was behaving like an annoyed spoiled kid.

Honest to God, when we arrive at Mars, I will take a whole month of vacation!

On the positive note, it looked like her silent threats worked, and that Paige actually managed to stop Angela from doing something silly.

Looking at her back, her mother mimicked and mocked all her hand gestures and movements.

“Stop it,” Paige mouthed to her, feeling more and more like a parent than a child with each passing second.

To Paige's horror, Kwan sensed something was a bit off and turned to look at where she was looking. Thankfully, Angela had already disappeared from sight. 

He looked back at her, scowling, and Paige flashed him her biggest forced smile. 

Suddenly, a blonde woman from the crowd voiced her outrage. “I don’t understand why we’re staying here!” 

“It’s not fair to lock us up in here like animals!” a man protested.

“It’s too hot here!” another man shouted.

Attention! stowaways are to come to the Common Room. I repeat, those who stowed away on this vessel are to make their way to the Common Room now,” Captain Zoya’s voice boomed through the speaker, and that calmed the crowd a bit.

“What’s going on?” Paige asked. Though she spoke out loud, it was more to herself than actually looking for an answer. “How is all of this going to end?”

AJ just shrugged, and that confused her. He always had an answer for everything, even if it wasn’t particularly helpful.

What’s with him? He’s gone all moody on me. 

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