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Stowaway | Invasion Survivor Book Three | Chapter Four

Chapter Four

Darkness everywhere, and Dave was never afraid of it—until now.

It was all-consuming, everlasting, and there was nothing beyond it. No way to escape from it. It was such a strange thing, being surrounded by it but feeling as if the same thing was passing through you, and yet somehow was a part of you as well. There was no time, no space, just a bunch of thoughts that wouldn't go away.

It was like a prison but without bars or walls. Without anything. Darkness was everything, yet there was nothing, slowly making you go insane.

Please, can anyone help me? I can't take this anymore!

He wanted to scream, shout, fight to break free, but how could he do that if he had no voice, no arms or legs?

Dave was there in body, but he wasn't there in spirit as far as the outside world could see. He had nothing to do but think... Think of her... Think of Paige.

Will you come to save me?


He pleaded over and over again, fully knowing no one could hear him because he was completely lost.

And that was when it happened.

The pain. Even though a person would think that was impossible, given his circumstances, Dave discovered that even while in a limbo you could experience extreme pain.

It was so poignant, so severe, that he started trying to scream again, but for a very different reason. 

Please, make it stop! It hurts too much!

Just as before, no one answered him back. 

* * *

This is your captain speaking,” a now familiar voice echoed through the speakers. “We’re entering hyper speed in ninety seconds. All passengers and personnel must be seated,” captain Zoya said before disconnecting. 

Paige watched a few slower passengers finding the last bits of empty sitting area by the spacecraft's walls. After the final warning from the captain, Paige could understand why they had to be seated. 

A brutal turbulence started right when she said it would. Paige tried to grip the window sill she was sitting on tighter, but she bounced off. She hit the window several times in rapid succession. Things really became exciting once the spacecraft accelerated.

People who casually sat on the floor bounced around, hitting other people as the ship flew at an angle. Some of the passengers’ scarce belongings flew around as well. Paige had made sure hers were by her side.

Someone cried out in obvious pain as they were tossed about like a rag-doll while others cursed and cried out.

Peter grabbed Paige's legs in hopes to stay put. He was grinning like he was having the time of his life, and Paige was glad someone was having a good time because she certainly wasn't.

“Hold on tight,” Paige approved, trying to take her own advice. But it was getting harder for her to do that, even with her strength. After a more brutal bounce, she lost her hold and started to slide away, but a tight grip stopped her.

“I got you,” AJ said solemnly, helping her recover.

She had only just opened her mouth to thank AJ when another violent shake made him lose his footing. He practically fell over her, but he gripped her around the waist while his head ended up on her chest. The spacecraft calmed.

AJ offered her a small smile before returning to his previous spot. “Sorry,” he mumbled while Paige blushed.

“You guys ok?” Paige asked Tilley and Peter while she recovered from her embarrassment. They both nodded.

“Is it over?” Tilley asked. 

Paige shrugged in response. “I guess so.”

The spacecraft had left the Earth’s atmosphere and was now moving away from it quickly. Paige glanced back through the window, gazing at the beautiful blue planet that used to be her home. Now it belonged to another species.

Her chest tightened with mourning.

What will become of us now? she wondered.

They were moving at a speed that was unimaginable to her, and the stars blurred all around as they zipped past. Soon, just like that, Earth became just another small speck, lost forever.

Paige's heart tugged again. Earth was home. Can we ever go back? 

She glanced around at the faces of others down on the lower deck, and they all looked somber. 

Are they wondering the same thing? Probably.

She watched as some of them started to get up on their own or were being helped by others to do so. Even though some of them looked a bit banged up, Paige was relieved to see none of the passengers on their lower deck was seriously injured, despite having to endure such poor conditions.

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