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Stowaway | Invasion Survivor Book Three | Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fourteen

People were in a state of panic. They pushed and pulled, trying to get out of the Common Room. 

Paige knew everyone was afraid of catching the virus, and she couldn’t blame them for feeling like that. It had taken so many lives and controlled so many more. Now, when they finally thought they had gotten away from it and were safe, it resurfaced.

Paige remembered how the students back at Rosehill College had been afraid to catch it. Thinking about the start of this mess back at college made her thoughts drift to River, her best friend in the whole world. 

Unfortunately, River had contracted the virus. Paige could only hope that she was one of the few who was on the list to get onto the army planes. 

That got her wondering something else. What was the plan once they got off the planes? Was there even a plan? Had River been on one of those planes that had crashed when the aliens sent out the EMP wave? Or did she make it to the shuttles?

Paige pushed her way out of the Common Room and headed to the lower level. Among the crowd, she was the only one not panicking. It wasn’t like it could affect her. That had already happened, sort of. 

Paige shifted her thoughts from River and surveyed her surroundings. As she walked, people were speculating as to how the virus could have gotten on the spacecraft. 

Paige was curious herself. On Earth, anyone that had it was already exposed and showing signs. Some were dead from it. Everyone around Paige was panicking. 

Could someone really have, gotten on not knowing they were carrying the virus?

“How can one of the Elites be infected?”

“He paid his way here, that's how.”

Words were flying around among the scared people. Paige felt sorry for Mr. Goodwin. He didn't deserve to be dragged through the mud. The other Elites didn't like him while he was alive, and now Paige feared this would only fuel them all further and cause an even bigger divide among the people on the Genesis.

“They'll blame us for this, just wait and see,” someone else said.

As they all made way to the lower level, Paige looked back and caught a glimpse of AJ and Dillon coming up behind her among the other stowaways. They walked next to each other, but there was no talking involved. 

After Paige reached the lower level, she moved to her and AJ's usual spot on the windowsill, and just as she knew he would, AJ joined her. 

This is our spot on the spaceship now, our sanctuary, Paige thought with mixed feelings. She was still a bit mad at him, but this crisis pushed everything else to the side.

“What happened?” Tilley asked.

Luckily, she wasn't there in the Common Room, and neither was Peter.

“I heard that someone died?” she added, wide-eyed.

There was no easy way of saying it, so Paige simply spat it out. “Yes. It was Mr. Goodwin, but we don't know anything other than that,” she added before the flood of questions could follow.

Tilley looked at her like she didn't understand a word of what Paige just said, then turned around and lowered herself on the floor close by and leaned against the window.

Paige expected all kinds of reactions but not that one. On the other hand, they had all gone through enough, so she decided to leave her be for a while. After all, Mr. Goodwin was a friend, even if they only knew him for a short time.

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