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Stowaway | Invasion Survivor Book Three | Chapter Nine

Chapter Nine

Bright light, blinding him, making him want to run away from it, but it was everywhere.

No! Get away! Dave wasn't that fond of the darkness, but it was better than this. As it turned out, however, he couldn't get peace anywhere.

“He's waking up,” he heard a man say.

Dave prepared himself for the all-consuming pain that would follow, but it didn't. That confused him for a second.

Only then did he focus on the man's actual words. Who is waking up? Dave wondered.

Dave opened his eyes, and sure enough, he could see a man in a white coat, standing near him and holding a penlight in his hands.

“Welcome back,” he said, greeting Dave with a smile.

“Where am I?” Dave asked in a voice that felt a bit strange to him. He tried to cough and clear his throat before trying again.

The doctor offered him some water.

“Thanks,” Dave said gratefully.

After he drank the whole cup, and the doctor began to ask him random questions while performing an exam.

“What’s your date of birth? What's your mother's name?”

Dave played along, but after a while, he got tired. “Where am I again? How did I end up here?” he repeated. The last thing he remembered was an alien spaceship, and that made him panic. “Where is my brother? Where is Paige? Peter? Peter!” he shouted from the top of his lungs.

“Please calm down,” the doctor said. Dave tried to get up, but the doctor tried to restrain him.

“You are at the Watcher's 52 Space Station,” a new voice informed him. Turning, Dave spotted a girl, not much older than him, approaching.

That calmed him a little because he was finally getting some answers. Her voice sounded familiar to him, and her face seemed familiar as well, but he was certain he’d never met her before. That voice, though… He wasn’t likely to ever forget it.

She was his savior, and he felt silly for having such thoughts now.

“A friend of my sister rescued you.”

Then he remembered everything. He was captured and dragged to the alien mothership alongside other people. Then he was stripped, stuffed in some kind of a pod, and then... He shivered and tried to break that train of thought, not wanting to remember what that black thing did to him.

Dave felt like he was lost for a long time, but he was himself again.

“What friend?” Dave asked.

“AJ,” she replied simply.

AJ? Dave's head what spinning. How did that happen?

Dave was missing so many vital pieces of information, and it left him feeling frustrated.

And then it hit him.

“You're Paige's sister.” 

Even though he didn't phrase it as a question, she still replied. “Yup.”

He could see the family resemblance, but something didn't add up. Paige's sister was younger.


“No, I’m her other, older sister, Brooke,” she reached with her hand, and he shook it.

That made more sense to him. 

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