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Stowaway | Invasion Survivor Book Three | Chapter Nineteen

Chapter Nineteen

Instantly Paige noticed that Angela looked wilder than ever. She had never seen her like this before and that scared her. Her hair was sticking out in every direction, her eyes feral and scared. Paige couldn't help but wonder why.

Maybe I left her here all by herself for too long, Paige chastised herself.

“We got the radio,” Paige said as a way of greeting, hoping that would calm her a little. 

Paige passed it to Angela and she took it without really looking at her daughter. For some reason, Paige found herself avoiding looking at Angela as well. Probably because she didn’t want to do anything that could agitate her. 

Angela hurried inside, sitting on the floor, and Paige followed suit. Debating if this was the right time to ask for any favors, she pulled out her phone.

Here goes nothing. “Mom, could you look at my phone, too? Maybe try to fix it?”

Angela looked at her, startled, as if she’d just noticed her there. She then accepted Paige's phone. Paige looked at what her mother was about to do next, practically without breathing.

Angela left the radio for a bit and started fumbling with Paige's most prized possession.

“I don't think the EMP completely fried it,” ’Angela mumbled mostly to herself. Paige took that as good news.

With a skill that was completely foreign to Paige, Angela managed to pull the phone apart and started looking at the components more closely.

She pulled one of the pieces from her old radio and replaced it with the one inside her phone.

“I can't be sure if it works without a power source,” Angela said, sounding almost apologetic.

“Oh, I have a charger.” Paige provided it cheerfully, and Angela nodded, handing her the phone back.

“Thanks, Mom,” Paige said with a smile, almost hugging her phone, but Angela's attention was already claimed by Kwan's radio.

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