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Stowaway | Invasion Survivor Book Three | Chapter One


Paige looked out the spaceship’s thick window, taking in the vast emptiness of space. 

It was quite intimidating, but she wasn't about to dwell on it. They’d survived and were together, and soon, they would reunite with the rest of her family. That was all that really mattered.

Still, just a few days ago, she was a regular college student whose biggest problems were how to stay awake on certain lectures and how to talk to a boy she liked, but a lot had changed since then.

Paige got a call from her father that changed her life, and since then, all her focus had been aimed at survival and getting her family safely to the NASA compound so they could flee from the Earth.

There were many obstacles on her way from her college dorm to that NASA compound, but Paige overcame it all.

Of course, she didn't do all that all on her own. She had a lot of help from her family and friends, both old and new, but she still felt pretty good about herself.

Not to pat herself on the back too hard, but she sometimes felt like a badass. Overall, her past experiences had given her the confidence to know that no matter what happened to them in the future, she would manage just fine. She already had.

And Brooke is alive, came a sudden thought. Due to the confusion and urgency involved with the alien attack, Paige didn't even get a chance to hug her older sister. 

They should have all been together on the same spacecraft, traveling to the location unknown. Instead, they were separated, and Paige didn't even know if Willow and they father had managed to outrun the black wave. 

“What's on your mind?” AJ asked her suddenly.

She shrugged. “A lot,” she replied simply but then decided to continue.

“I don't like not knowing what happened to my dad and Willow.”

“I’m sure they managed to get to Brooke's ship just fine.” AJ tried to assure her, and by his tone, Paige knew he was speaking sincerely and not just saying that to placate her.

“Of course, they’re with Brooke,” Angela interjected. “And these new small spacecrafts the space cadets use are really fast, so there's a chance they'll arrive at the mothership way before we do.”

Paige liked the sound of that.

“I hope they'll find a way to cure Dave by then,” Paige mused out loud. If the Watchers could extract the Black Mass from his body, there was hope for the rest of them as well.

“Of course, they can,” Angela answered. “But it's not going to be pretty.”

Paige really didn't care about that part as long as she could get that thing out of her.

At times, it proved to be useful. Like when she had to fight with that Host cop, but that still didn't mean she wanted the Black Mass to stay in her for good.

“And then it's our turn,” AJ said with a grin. Paige could only shake her head, smiling because this was so typical of him. To see good in everything.

AJ spaced out for the briefest of time, and Paige knew he had some kind of conversation with his alien friend, Francis.

She was really curious about those two and their weird relationship sometimes.

“Can't wait,” Paige replied honestly, and she wasn't only thinking about the Black Mass. She wanted to see Dave and make sure with her own two eyes he was alright and alien free.

I hope this spacecraft is a super fast one, she thought to herself. She couldn't wait for them to be all reunited on the mothership.

Still glancing through the window, Paige concentrated and could actually see that the growing blackness was dotted with tiny specks of light.

Spy glasses for the gods.

If the infinity of space could have light in such a vast darkness, Paige could have faith inside of her. That would help her survive long enough to be reunited with the rest of her family and see her friend cured.

Survival wasn't so difficult for Paige since she had been upgraded. It was completely against her will and unintentional, but she couldn't deny the results.

Paige wrung her hands tightly together. She felt no physical pain. No fatigue. She had so many questions about basically everything. If anyone had proper answers, it would be Brooke.

Her sister Brooke had been dealing with these things for years. Fighting in space, traveling through galaxies.

Brooke must have been so alone, Paige thought.

Despite everything, there was one thing Paige did know and would do everything in her power to make it so. She needed to get her family together again, and afterward, she needed to get this alien out of her.

AJ told her once that it was impossible, but her mother had just said it was not only possible but factual. Either way, Paige wouldn't go down without a proper fight. She couldn't stand having them inside of her.

She shuddered at the thought, picturing that thing coursing through her veins.

In her mind, she pictured them as tiny ants crawling all over her body, taking over and eating away everything that made her her.

Determination took root inside as well.

They’re not getting me! I refuse to be an alien-human buffet!

Not being able to stand herself or all the thoughts that were swirling inside her head, Paige abruptly turned away from the window and surveyed the cargo area they were in.

AJ looked at her strangely when she moved so suddenly, but she decided to detach herself from their little group for a bit and look around.


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