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Stowaway | Invasion Survivor Book Three | Chapter Seventeen

Chapter Seventeen

“Dave, meet my friend Brexton. He’s a Space Cadet like me,” Brooke said, introducing him to a strange looking dude.

He wasn't judging or anything, but the guy's skin was a bit yellowish, and he was concerned about his well-being. As it turned out, he was simply from a different planet.

“The former Host?” Brexton inquired, offering his hand for a handshake.

“Wow, news travels fast through space as well,” Dave replied, accepting the hand and feeling a bit self-conscious.

“Occupational hazard, I suppose,” Brexton replied in the same manner.

“How come you came back so early? You weren't expected for another month or so,” Brooke wondered, giving him a once over as if wondering if he was injured.

He looked fine to Dave, other than that complexion. Dave tried his best not to stare, but this was the first time he was this up and close to an actual alien that wasn't trying to kill or enslave him.

“I ran into an ambush,” Brexton replied in his perfect British accent, which amused Dave to no end. “I had to come back because my baby needs some TLC.”

His baby? Dave thought to himself. 

Brooke rolled her eyes at him. “You are too in love with that old piece of metal,” she teased, and Brexton pretended to be offended.

 Dave figured they were speaking about his spaceship. He got worried for a second there that this alien was taking his baby to dangerous missions.

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