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Stowaway | Invasion Survivor Book Three | Chapter Sixteen

Chapter Sixteen

Attention. All stowaways are to come immediately to the Common Room,” Captain Zoya's voice filtered through the speakers, waking everyone up.

“Please stay close by,” Paige told Peter and Willow as they started walking toward the Common Room.

AJ and Paige exchanged glances. She knew that they must have discovered that the samples were missing.  

But who took the samples in the first place? she wondered. Who was afraid on this spacecraft apart from them?

“If they draw our blood today, then we’ll have to sneak out again later,” AJ whispered in her ear.

“I like the sound of that,” Paige replied as AJ winced as she punched him gently on the arm, feeling embarrassed. 

“What? Are you saying you didn’t like it?” He raised his brow, misunderstanding.

Paige rolled her eyes, but still, a little smile tugged at her lips.

“You did, didn’t you?” AJ continued to pester her.

He was cute when he was insecure. Paige never saw that side of him, and it was kind of endearing. 

“Oh, shut up,” Paige snapped back without actual flare. “You need to focus on the task ahead.”

“Oh, I am,” he replied instantly, but it was clear they were speaking about two different things.

Paige sighed as they reached the Common Room with all the others. Suddenly, she had a very bad feeling about this meeting.

“Another member of Elite 20 is dead today,” Captain Zoya informed them. Of all the things Paige was expecting to hear from the captain, that was not one of them. 

“The test results of all the stowaways have come back as negative,” Captain Zoya seemed annoyed by that fact. “That means that none of you have the virus. The dead Elite members' blood also came back negative.”

Everyone sighed happily with the results, but Paige felt confused because something wasn't adding up. How could they all be normal if there were no samples? Captain Zoya is one big fat liar, that's how.

The more pressing question was why? Why was she lying in the first place? To prevent panic on the spacecraft or to maintain the illusion she had any control left? Paige felt like captain Zoya failed on both accounts.

“However,” Captain Zoya continued, and Paige focused once more on the speech than to her thoughts. “Samples belonging to the Elite 20 have been tampered with, and because of this, they are redoing their tests.” The Captain paused as her eyes locked on AJ. 

Paige stopped breathing. This can't be good, she thought, starting to panic.

“You, young man, were the only one claiming that we didn’t need the tests. Do you know anything about the Elite samples?”

Everyone turned and looked at AJ. His brows shot up in surprise, but he shook his head. “No. I have no idea. Honestly,” and that was the truth. They wanted to tamper with the samples, but someone beat them to the punch.

Nicely done, AJ.

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