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Stowaway | Invasion Survivor Book Three | Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten

Paige felt the urge to rub her eyes in wonder.

“Tell me I'm not hallucinating,” she said in a hushed voice, and AJ chuckled beside her.

“No, Paige, everything is fine with you. At least, it is with your eyesight. That's a cat,” he corrected himself, making a joke which earned him another light punch to the ribs. 

Paige went down to her knees to pet a gorgeous Maine Coon cat, and it purred in return.

“He’s so cute,” Tilley chirped in, mirroring her.

“You’re very friendly,” Paige cooed happily. She got a chance to see an animal again.

His name tag read Smokey.

“Smokey?” someone yelled, and in the next instance, a man in a red suit appeared, a worried expression on his face.

Both girls stood up immediately, Paige still holding the cat.

“Oh, there you are, you rascal,” the man smiled.

“I'm sorry,” Paige said immediately, knowing some owners didn't like when someone touched their precious animals without permission. She quickly transferred the cat over to its owner, and it went willingly.

Especially since the owner in question was one of the 'Elite 20' crowd.

“Oh, that’s quite all right. He adores the attention,” the man replied, scratching the cat behind its ear. Smokey purred in return even louder than before.

“He’s beautiful,” Paige complimented, not being able to stop herself from petting him again.

“His name is Smokey, and I’m Benjamin Goodwin,” he introduced himself.

The trio recited their names as well.

“If you want to play with him again, we’re in room sixteen, but I'm sure this rascal will find a way to escape again,” Mr. Goodwin offered before departing. 

Paige was surprised and relieved there was at least one completely decent human being among the rich crowd. She couldn't help but wonder how he ended up on this spacecraft.

“He’s so nice,” Tilley whispered, and Paige agreed.

Once they waved their new friends goodbye, the trio resumed the search.

They went up to the other levels, hoping that Angela might be there. 

“Let's go this way,” AJ advised and started climbing the stairs. They looked down every corridor and every room in the levels that they had access to. 

As they got to the upper levels, people were dressed in red uniforms that consisted of pants and polo shirts, some also had a red jacket on and were entertaining themselves by playing cards and board games. It was the ‘Elite 20’. 

The sign saying The Elite 20 Sleeping Quarters was helpful as well.

The Elites immediately realized that the small group wasn’t part of theirs and threw some scathing glances their way. At the same time, the word stowaway could be heard muttered among them. 

Then Paige heard something else, and it was so much nicer than what they were calling them. It was something she thought she would never hear again, and yet in the last hour, she heard it twice.

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