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Stowaway | Invasion Survivor Book Three | Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Thirteen

Paige stormed out of there, fuming. She didn’t want to see Angela, AJ, Kwan, or any of the ‘Elite 20.’ She could barely stand herself right then, let alone anyone else. How she was going to hide from all those people was a tall order to fill. 

Jesus, Paige, how many enemies can one person have in such a small area? She screamed at herself in exasperation. Well not really enemies, Paige amended. That was being a little dramatic and pushing it a bit. 

She turned a corner and bumped into Dillon, the only person that wasn’t on her list. 

“Oh, hi,” Paige greeted him a bit awkwardly as he smiled at her.

“Hi, how are you?” he asked politely, smiling from ear to ear at her.

He was a breath of fresh air to talk to, someone who wouldn’t lie straight to her face unlike Angela or the kid that says he's her friend but keeps secrets from her.

“I’m fine, thanks. Just decided to walk a little bit. It’s so boring.” Paige lied like a pro. At the moment, she wished with all her heart that her life was, in fact, boring again. She wanted to go back to when she could chill at home, watch TV, and hang out with her sister. Gossip with River about boys.

“I know,” he replied, still in high spirit. “If you don’t mind, I’ll join you.” Even though he delivered that as a statement, it was obvious he was asking for a permission.

“Sure, that’s fine,” Paige replied, almost in the same manner.

Did she want company? Yes, I do, she realized. She gestured with her hand for them to carry on. They started to walk slowly along the corridors, trying to kill time. The spacecraft was a busy place for those who worked on it, but for the passengers? Not so much.

That didn't imply it wasn't a stressful journey for all, but there wasn't much you could do on it.

“Paige, would you like to see the pilots’ cabin?” he asked suddenly, clearly trying to break the silence.

“Yes, why not.” Paige shrugged. As everyone could plainly see, her enthusiasm levels were low. After the fights she’d had with Angela and AJ, she was feeling rather shitty.

“Can we go there?” she asked, hoping to distract herself from dwelling on her current situations.

“Well, they haven’t said we can’t, have they?” he replied slyly, and that actually made her smile.


Dillon started climbing up the white metal stairs, and Paige followed him close by. They walked past a room she’d not seen before. It was filled with gym equipment. A running machine and even a punching bag hung from the ceiling. 

The ‘Elite 20’ really had the Elite treatment. 

Paige started to enter, figuring a little training session wouldn't kill her, but noticed Kwan was in there and paused.

So, everyone can use this place, she realized. That was good to know, Paige noted.

Kwan's blue shirt was off, and he had a tight white vest top on. Paige quickly glanced around to see if she could spot his radio, but it wasn’t with him. 

Well, shoot, so much for that idea. But then she noticed something else. At the back of the gym was another room. That must be the changing room, and it could be where his radio is. That cheered her up a bit.

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