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Stowaway | Invasion Survivor Book Three | Chapter Three

Chapter Three

AJ didn't like what was happening around him one bit. People were on edge, stowaways and the rich folks alike. Having all the guards surrounding them like they were common criminals and not survivors was making him feel a bit on edge.

You don't belong here,” Francis informed him, as if AJ didn't already know that himself.

That made him think about his parents. They’d certainly had the means to buy their way into one of the spacecraft's a couple times over, but they weren’t like other rich people he knew.

They were always so modest and down to earth, never flaunting the riches they had. They’d taught AJ about the real values in life, but now he prayed like hell they’d abandoned their principles for once and got on one of the ships in the UK. He hoped they were, at this very moment, on their way to the mothership like he was because he missed them like crazy.

You will be in danger if you stay,” Francis continued ominously, seemingly unaware of AJ's thoughts.

 “And why is that, oh, wise one?” AJ mocked. Over time, he’d learned to somewhat trust his alien companion, so he was ready to listen to his advice.

Listen, not take.

“You and your silly questions!” Francis snapped instead. “I feel that something is wrong, so get Paige out of here. She is in danger. All of us are in danger!

AJ hated when Francis acted all bossy and stuff, but there was urgency in that voice, and real fear. That was what sprung him into action. Besides, Francis had used the magic word, and AJ wasn't talking about thank you, or please. He’d mentioned Paige.

“Ok, Francis, I'll do what you say,” AJ replied, surprising them both.

Thinking that made him pause for a second, thinking this might have been the first time AJ willingly agreed with Francis.

“Yes, that's a first,” Francis agreed.

“Well, don't get used to it,” AJ fired back.


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