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Stowaway | Invasion Survivor Book Three | Chapter Twelve

Chapter Twelve

Paige returned to the lower level, still rattled by the whole episode with her mom and found there were just a few people sleeping. The rest looked miserable to be there, and she could only shake her head in return. 

Captain Zoya enforced all these rules on them, but she offered nothing in return. It was maddening. As if, in her mind, they were nothing more than a nuisance rather than real human beings.

Just because they didn't have enough money.

Absentmindedly, Paige sat on one of the free windowsills. The view outside was non-changing. Everywhere around was only blackness with distant glowing stars. She glanced down at her wrist which was covered in dry blood. She spat on her finger and wiped the blood away.

“Very ladylike, Paige,” she mumbled to herself, but despite uttering those words, she honestly didn't care.

Angling her head down, she inspected the wound more closely. Mom’s fingernails are freaking sharp! But at least it didn't hurt. 

Paige still debated if that was a good or a bad thing. She knew the ‘thing’ in her body would make the scratch heal quickly because she witnessed the same thing happening to AJ. 

Sure enough, looking at it attentively, she could see the healing process taking place right in front of her eyes. Like in some sc-fi movie, Paige's skin slowly knitted together to cover the cut. 

It was like magic, only better. It had healed so nicely, Paige couldn't even see the scar on her skin. The whole process actually managed to make her smile in wonder. When they finally reached the mothership, and they took the ‘thing’ out of her body, Paige would lose her ability to heal quickly. 

Having the Black Mass in me has its good parts, I guess.  That thought ignited the next. How exactly will they remove it from me? 

An image flashed across her mind of scientists stripping her skin from her body and scraping the black substance from her muscles. Paige started scratching her arms because the thought made her feel like something was crawling under her skin. 

Brilliant, Paige, she chastised herself for those vivid images inside her head. It was a good thing she didn't have to sleep anymore because nightmares would be a given.

She glanced through the window again, needing something to work as a distraction. The distant stars twinkled all around, and ridiculously enough, she found comfort in them.

Because there is always light in the darkness...

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