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Stowaway | Invasion Survivor Book Three | Chapter Twenty

Chapter Twenty

My best friend sent me the very last message I would ever receive.

Suddenly feeling quite emotional, she started to read it. 

<<Paige. They’re taking me to get help. I’m waiting for a plane. I love you, x River.>>

On impulse, Paige started to text her back. Of course, she knew it wasn't going to work, but she had to do it anyway, and it was worth a try.


“There, you are perfect, my love,” Brexton announced, doing the last diagnosis on his ship before taking off again.

Dave was with Brooke on that one. That dude was too much in love with his ship.

After saying goodbye, Dave and Brooke left the small ship and returned to the station.

See you in a jiffy,” Brexton said over the radio.

“See you soon and good luck,” Brooke replied.

Dave hoped that would be true because he really liked the guy. He learned a lot about the most random things while speaking to him.

In silence, Brooke and Dave started walking toward the cafeteria. He was feeling like he was one hundred percent healed now, and he was really looking forward to them leaving the station.

He spoke to Brooke, and the four of them were leaving for the mothership in twenty-four hours. That meant only two sparring sessions with Brooke remained, and that saddened him a bit. He kind of enjoyed them.

Even if his ass was constantly getting kicked.

Just for shits and giggles, he wished someone else was here that he could practice with. Brexton offered, but he was in and out of this place so fast there wasn't the time.

Then it hit him. Why is this place so empty?

“No offense, Brooke, but why is this place like a ghost town?”

Apart from them, the doctor, and a few more people who were practically essential to maintaining the station, there was no one here.

She shrugged. At first, Dave was sure she wasn't going to answer, but then she said, “There aren't that many Watchers anymore, and those who exist are scattered all across the universe, doing the most important work. Keeping everyone safe.”

He figured it was something along those lines. “What about the Cadets?”

“There are a bit more of us,” Brooke said. “But we rarely have contact among ourselves, I mean face to face.” When she said that, her voice had a strange note. “We never linger, as you could see with Brexton.”

“That must be pretty lonely,” Dave guessed, and Brooke simply shrugged again.

“Are you excited to see your mom and Paige?” Dave asked, trying to change the subject.

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