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Stowaway | Invasion Survivor Book Three | Chapter Twenty-Eight

Chapter Twenty-Eight

Look at the bright side… At least now you know you're not a killer,” Francis tried to cheer him up.

Yup,” AJ was clear on that account, but that didn't mean everything was fine and dandy.

Apparently, because of an old grudge, AJ got sucked up into a TV drama that was so weird and twisted he wouldn't want to watch it, let alone live through it. 

Still, on the other hand, it wasn't as if he wanted Paige to have to go through all this alone. Yeah, she had her mother, who clearly had a lot of explaining to do, but AJ was sticking to his girl as well.

Not that she was his.

But you still want her to be,” Francis teased, but AJ ignored him.

Someone had to keep an eye on her to not get in trouble.

Francis pretended to clear his throat.

Ok, AJ allowed. “In even more trouble, he amended.

The biggest issue now was how to get the hell out of this place.

I told you Dillon was a no-good killer,” Francis snapped at him.

This is not the time for I-told-you-so, but for constructive suggestions on how to get out of here alive, AJ countered.

I disagree. This is a perfect time. So here it is.” Francis made a dramatic pause. “I told you so, I told you so!

This is so not helpful.

And why would I want to help you when you only wish to get rid of me?” Francis countered, obviously still hurt.

Because you want to live?” AJ asked in return.

Point well taken,” Francis grumbled.

So?” AJ urged.

So what?” Francis asked a bit confused.

Do you have a suggestion? AJ looked all around the tiny cell but couldn't see anything useful to them.

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