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Stowaway | Invasion Survivor Book Three | Chapter Twenty-Five

Chapter Twenty-Five

“What decision?” Dave insisted, even though he was pretty certain he wouldn't like the answer to that question.

“Look, my colleagues are in trouble, and that makes them my priority,” Brooke said without sugarcoating.

“Of course,” Dave started to reply but then it dawned on him. “You can't mean...”

“I can't be in two places at once,” she stressed. It was clear this turn of events was hard on her, but as far as Dave was concerned, Brooke's mind was made up.

So was his.

“But... but...” Dave started, but he didn't know how to finish that sentence. Was he supposed to say, ‘Screw your friends, you promised to take me and your family to the mothership?’

Yeah, right. Even he wasn't that big of an asshole.

“Willow?” Brooke started speaking through her comm device. 

“Yes, Brooke. Why did the alarm go off?” her sister asked concerned.

“Meet me at the Lounge. We have something to discuss,” Brooke said instead of answering.

“Do you want Dad, too?” Willow asked in return.

“Yeah,” Brooke replied shortly.

“We’re on our way,” Willow said before disconnecting.

“How long will this delay us?” Dave asked without preamble.

Brooke gave him a look, and he knew that more bad news was on the way. “It's in the completely opposite direction.”

Dave felt like screaming and cursing, but ultimately couldn't because innocent lives were at stake. Still, he was frustrated as hell. He wanted to leave this place to find his brother, see Paige, and say thank you to AJ for saving him. Now he felt stuck.

Damn it to hell!

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