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Stowaway | Invasion Survivor Book Three | Chapter Twenty-One

Chapter Twenty-One 

My best friend sent me the very last message I would ever receive.

Suddenly feeling quite emotional, she started to read it. 

<<Paige. They’re taking me to get help. I’m waiting for a plane. I love you, x River.>>

On impulse, Paige started to text her back. Of course, she knew it wasn't going to work, but she had to do it anyway, and it was worth a try.

<<Where are you now? Love you, too xxx Paige.>>

And following that same logic, Paige sent her father and Willow a text, asking if they were okay and urged them to call her back and tell her where they were. She made sure to tell them that Mom was alive and well with her—about as well as she could be—but she couldn't bring herself to ask anything about Brooke.

She knew this was pointless, but she couldn’t just not try. Paige could feel her eyes becoming misty, and as she stroked the screen of the phone, her heart ached. 

I hope everyone got off the planet. When she didn't use it for a while, it went into screensaver mode, and a picture of her and River goofing around and making a selfie while they were on vacation together popped up.

Would they really take River to the mothership, considering she had the virus? Paige started to think more about that, worrying.

How about to Mars? Wouldn't that be too risky?

If they did, they’d be bringing the virus with them. Would they do that for a paycheck? Once again, she would like to have more pieces of information, but their government was tight-lipped, and Paige was sick of it.

She’d had that enough from Angela and AJ.

“Paige, what about a board game?” Dillon suddenly asked. “Would you like to play board games?” He pulled one from a large drawer. 

“What?” she replied, a bit confused.

Truth be told, Paige completely forgot he was even there. He raised the box instead of answering, and she nodded.

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