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Stowaway | Invasion Survivor Book Three | Chapter Twenty-Six

Chapter Twenty-Six

AJ was fuming with rage and decided to take it out on this sorry excuse for whatever he was before advancing to the next. He wanted Dillon dead for all the troubles and hard-ache he’d caused not just him, but all the people on this spacecraft.

They wanted to take him? Them? he corrected himself. Well, he wasn't going down without a fight.

It was going to be a really bloody one at that.

AJ advanced and, without preamble, kicked his opponent, but the brute barely staggered. Still, AJ tried again, aiming a bit higher, striking him straight to the face. The bastard only grinned in return, showing his bloody teeth right before he clocked him. AJ almost saw stars, but he shook that off and advanced again.

He couldn't believe how everything went upside down in a matter of minutes, but he was glad he finally learned the truth. Dillon was the freaking killer?

I told you that you didn't do it,” Francis said cheerfully. “You’re not the murdering kind.”

AJ felt like rolling his eyes, but he was too busy at the moment.

His dancing partner, Cole—or possibly Maxwas very strong, unbelievably so. AJ really needed his wits about him.

And that Dillon guy was fishy from the start,” Francis continued. “I told you that, didn't I? Look out!

AJ barely managed to avoid being grabbed by the neck.

Do you mind!? I can't concentrate with you yapping inside my head, AJ snapped at Francis, running like a bull toward his opponent and trying to tackle him to the ground.

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