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Stowaway | Invasion Survivor Book Three | Chapter Twenty-Three

Chapter Twenty-Three

“Ugh,” Dave grunted when his whole body connected with the mat again.

He didn't mind getting his ass kicked by Brooke once they finally started to train, but so far, the only thing he learned was that the floor wasn't even in all places. Learning the crooks and crevices of the floor was not what he had in mind when he accepted being her apprentice.

      Well, sort of.

“Not that I'm complaining, but is this humiliation really necessary?” Dave asked, only half joking. His bruises had bruises since they started. And since they only had limited time together, he hoped he would have gotten better by then.

But no such luck.

“If you want to learn to throw a punch, then first you have to learn how to take one.”

Dave propped himself on his elbows so he could glare at her more easily. “Seriously?”

She had the audacity to laugh at him. “Sorry, I always wanted to say that.”

He smiled as well, and with a grunt, he got back onto his feet and stretched.

''That's ok, but you should know you sounded like some character from a B-movie,” he teased.

She gasped. “Take that back,” she demanded in a light tone.

“Nope,” Dave replied, getting into the fighting position Brooke taught him.

“Oh, I was hoping you'd say that,” Brooke said, grinning before resuming the right position as well.

“How so?”

“Because that means I will just have to make you then, and it's more fun that way,” Brooke teased, sticking her tongue out.

“In that case, game on.” With that, Dave lunged at Brooke and almost had her, but she managed to spin out of the way in the nick of time.

“Damn,” Dave cursed but refused to back off.

“It was good effort, though,” Brooke complimented. “But next time, try not to look at the places you want to hit me. I knew what you wanted to do from the start.” 

“Noted,” Dave nodded.

“Let's try that again,” Brooke commanded with a smile.

It was Dave's time to act like a B-movie character, making exaggerated moves, taunting her to attack first. Before they could begin again, an alarm blasted through the entire space station.

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