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Authors MindsHello, my name is Hayley Lawson thank you for stopping by bookstore.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I grew up in Lancaster, England in a council estate (projects or government housing for those not in England). I lived with my three sisters, two brothers, and mum at the top of the hill across the road from a cemetery. My dad whom I’ve never meet has seven other kids. (All that has great content for a story). I have dyslexia and as I child-focused more on drawing than reading or writing. My first job was a mushroom picker, (not the magic type).

My first paycheck was for £3.24 for 16 hours. (Yes you read the right). I was on piece work and had to pay for my blue overall. I had my first drink at thirteen and spent most of being thirteen grounded for drinking. Still, love a weekend cider. I left home at seventeen. I went to college and studying business I was planning on being an accountant or lawyer. Then decided to be a fashion designer, just a bit of a career change.

Once I got my fashion degree I set my sights on moving to America, people often asked me why I wanted to move to America, I wanted the America dream. I got married to my sweetheart Gavin. (He would laugh he if read that I called him sweetheart. But I’m safe as he never reads anything I write).

My first job in America was in Los Angeles, California, we made it! We had a beautiful now cool kid called Callie.

This is me and my crazy fun family, hubby Gavin, daughter Callie, doggy Buddy, we also have a black cat called Jinx.
Life is always better wearing a hat, and a captain hat is the best of all hats.
Then we packed up and moved to Long Island, New York where we currently reside. I still work as a designer and hoping to get a promotion to Vice President of Design, my current position is Design Director. Once I get the promotion (positive thinking there) Then the next book cover can be, “Council Estate to Vice President.” Or, “Projects to Vice President.” Gavin says I should write that book, to show that if you set your mind to it you can do anything!

Which is why I set this page up, I’ve been an author for five years now and feeding Amazon with awesome readers, now I decided it was time to build my own little Amazon and as I do share my work with the world for free.

Problem with that is it doesn’t help me cover the editing costs, (something which I can’t skip on due to the fact I’m dyslexic, so have my very own unique style of writing), or get me to my next goal working full time as an author in Spain and having a side job as a wine taster. (Those week’s of being grounded didn’t help). 
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